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About a month ago, our family went with another family down to Margaret River for a short holiday. Margaret River is a fantastic wine region in South Western Australia, close to the ocean, and it is absolutely beautiful down there.  We actually rented a little house in Prevelly, which is the little village where the actual Margaret River meets the Ocean.

Needless to say, we had a few great, great days!!! We did long beach walks with the kids, and even my partner started collecting seashells! On one beach walk he spotted an area with millions of tiny little shells, and spent close to 2 hours in that one spot, picking out miniscule but stunning mini-shells. (He got a little sunburned … ). When he brought them all home, he washed them and poured them in an empty beer bottle for storage and enjoyment! It actually looked gorgeous, if you have a bottle (or maybe a nice glass vase or something 😉 ) and fill it with tiny little shells, it can make a stunning and engaging beach decor piece. When it was sitting on the kitchen table, whoever was sitting there had the bottle in their hands looking at the shells and admiring their beauty. Kind of looks a little rustic, but that even adds to the beauty of it.

Seashell Decor

Tiny Treasures

The house we stayed in was very unique and charming, too. It consisted of an array of different pieces of furniture, and lots of home made or self decorated/painted things, walls, etc. I had to take my camera and take a few pictures of what the owner of the house had done, I was so impressed! Have a look (unfortunately this picture is not quite sharp, but I think you can still see how nice it is, and how easy it would be to make yourself at home):

Seashell Strings on a piece of driftwood

Seashell Strings on a piece of driftwood

Or have a look at this artsy little window (obviously you could put much more fitting ornaments or beach items in the frame, to make it look really stunning; the cups were just there, don’t mind them, please! 😉 )

Beach Type Window Cutout

Beach Type Window Cutout

Or how easy would this holder for kitchen utensils be to make? All you need is a container of your choice, preferably glass, tile adhesive, grout and the sea glass, and you should be on your way!

Sea Glass Mosaic

Sea Glass Mosaic

Here are another few impressions of the area around Margaret River, and the beach there:

Prevelly Beach

Prevelly Beach

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Me and my family

Me and my family

Impressions of a cave...

Impressions of a cave...

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  1. Alla says:

    I just discovered your blog and found it’s very interesting. I am an artist working with seashells.
    I like the picture of Corona bear filled with seashells. Simple and cool.

  2. Love the shells in a bottle, looks like you guys had a great time. Makes me wanna go vacation back to Hawaii.

  3. Wow very interesting place. Beach is very beautiful. I would like to go here on vacation.

  4. Mat says:

    Nice beach. Shells are beautiful.

  5. Keith says:

    The best part about the beach is being able to take old stuff and use it as decorations. The two just go hand and hand!

  6. Selina says:

    What a great theme for a pool house. If my husband had not just bought this years theme I would have to go with this one.


  7. Dumpster says:

    I like that creative window, looks cute. I’m personally going to sea this summer. Ahh:)

  8. Laura says:

    In case of home decoration you need to be very innovative like in this post the pictures shows that how you create a good home decoration simply with sea shells. I like all the pictures you posted here.

  9. Gregory B. says:

    What I really love about this article is that so many of your ideas are made with items that most people either already have around the house or at least can easily get. Not to mention that they are very affordable and creative. Thank you for giving me-and my home- new hope!

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