Beach Home Decor Ideas – A Bowl Full Of Shells…

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The little thoughtful accents around the house are what make it a home. When you are decorating in the beach theme, seashells are really one of the “Must-Haves” when you accessorize throughout your living space. There is so much you can do with one ore two or many seashells:

  • make a mirror (like I showed you in a previous blog post),
  • fill a nice glass or acrylic vase with sand and place your “findings” from the beach on top, it looks stunning!
  • find a nice bowl and fill it with bought (or found) seashells
  • place a single big shell in a special spot on a display table
  • have pictures of shells on the wall
  • and much, much more!

Here is one of my very simple creations; nothing special, I just want to show you how easy it can be:

A bowl full of shells

A bowl full of shells

A bowl full of shells

A bowl full of shells

Happy accessorizing! :o)

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Petra is German and absolutely loves the beach and the ocean. She is living in sunny Perth, Western Australia, with her partner, 2 children and 2 Jack Russell dogs and takes every opportunity to go for long walks at the beach, or go beach combing, or just watch the sunset at the beach with friends and a glass of wine. With this blog she wants to help you bring the precious beach into your home to relax and enjoy!

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  1. real estate consultants says:

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  2. GREAT IDEA! Luckily we live in Florida where there are an abundance of shells. We like to go out on cooler evenings and shell hunt. I will be following your directions this weekend! Thanks.

  3. Rebecca says:

    So simple and yet so elegant. Seashells are one of nature’s greatest decorations, don’t you think?

  4. suzanne says:

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  5. Love it ­čÖé I cannot wait until the weather gets better so I can go to the beach and pick up some seashells!

  6. I used to live in Laguna Beach, CA and shells are one of the accessories that I used to make my home more “beachy” which ironically enough it wasn’t when I moved in.

  7. Taryn Geyer says:

    email me where you found the template for this site please. Or is this custom?

  8. Petra Weiss says:

    Taryn, my theme is called “Beach Holiday

  9. Thomas says:

    This is a great idea for displaying sea shells . Once you get a collection going you have to do something with them to and not keep them a box.

  10. Bill says:

    Looks great. My wife and I have also made some great decorations out of drift wood. Many times, once the wood is cleaned up a bit it makes an art piece all by itself.


  11. This really reminds me of growing up in my mom’s house. We lived a mile and a half from the beach outside of Boston and she was a huge fan of collecting shells and using them in vases and bowls all around our house. Great memories!

  12. DeanMiller says:

    I have a little bowl in our bathroom filled with seashells from my travels around the world, each shell is marked on the back of where it was from. Fun piece to show guests!

  13. Laura says:

    I still have this box I made in 4th grade, it was a wooden box that I painted a light blue and attached tiny sea shells to. I will probably keep it in my house forever.

  14. Susan says:

    You can make the most beautiful curtains out of seashells too if you have enough of them, or a nice wind chime if you only have a few. I had a big fascination with them when I was a child and thinking about them makes me reminisce of those days.

  15. Mark says:

    I lived at the beach for over 10 years. And having come from the Midwest I got a kick out of decorating my place with beachy stuff. I liked having shells for soap and sponge holders for instance. Also I have a large sea sponge that was the centerpiece of my living room.

  16. Petra Weiss says:

    Mark, I love sea sponges! I am sure it looked absolutely stunning. Thanks for stopping by!

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