Colorful Beach Decor Makes Your Home Come To Life!

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Colorful Beach Decor will freshen up your home and make it POP!

When I think about colorful beach decor, usually I imagine different hues of blues, whites and sandy colors, with splashes of green. After all, that’s what it looks like at the beach, right?

But what happens when you add accents of other, bolder colors to the mix? That’s when it gets interesting! By adding some bolder colors to your beach decorated rooms, you will actually lift the spirit of the room and make it more engaging.

Here are a few examples how you can liven up your rooms by adding some colorful beach decor accents:

red beach decor

Absolutely gorgeous kitchen/entertainment area setting! As you can see, the red splashes of color just add some spice to the blue of the ocean and white of the window frames. I absolutely adore the kind of weathered looking “Fresh Fish Daily” sign that seems to be painted onto an old window shutter! That is something that could be added to the DIY list, don’t you think?

Colorful Beach Setting

How about this? It looks so lively and fresh with the orange, blue and green against the crisp white walls and ceiling! Now imagine a blue ocean through one of the windows….

Red Seahorse Lantern

Here is an absolutely adorable vintage beach lantern that becomes even more endearing because of its red color and the little seahorse figurine inside! You can put this little lantern virtually anywhere to create an eye catching accent in your beach decor. Just have a look at these suggestions:

The lantern can be found on Etsy Shop Searchnrescue2 (if you click on this link and don’t get to the page any more that means somebody has snatched it up, because as I am writing this there is only 1 available!). If you missed out, have a look at these

¬†As with so many things, the secret to a successful decorating with colorful accents is to keep it simple and not to overdo it. A colorful throw pillow here, a red lantern there, or just some colorful picture frames on your photos/prints hanging up…

There are so many gorgeous accessories to be found, just check these out:

Beach Pillow

Here are some more ideas on how to bring color into your beach decor:

Colorful Beach Print
Wind Chime Yellow Beach Side Table Orange VW Light

Happy decorating with colorful beach decor!


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Petra is German and absolutely loves the beach and the ocean. She is living in sunny Perth, Western Australia, with her partner, 2 children and 2 Jack Russell dogs and takes every opportunity to go for long walks at the beach, or go beach combing, or just watch the sunset at the beach with friends and a glass of wine. With this blog she wants to help you bring the precious beach into your home to relax and enjoy!

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  1. Bev Pishkur says:

    Hello Petra,
    On your website you show a big red hibiscus metal wall hanging in Hawaiian decor and I absolutely LOVE it. Do you have any idea how I could purchase one? It is the perfect art piece for my vision of a beachy living room. Please reply, thank you so much, Bev

  2. Petra Weiss says:

    Hi Bev, I am so sorry for the reply months later…. I have been so preoccupied with all the other things happening in my life that I have severely neglected my beach decor blog for the past year and a bit.
    I have had a look, I believe this flower was sold by Amazon at the time, and I used to have a link to the product embedded in the picture, but they must have stopped selling it. I did a bit more research, and I am quite positive that Say it all on the Wall JNJ Metalworks on Facebook are the ones that made it in the first place. It can’t hurt to ask if they could reproduce, or even if it wasn’t them, maybe they could still do it. Worth a try!

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