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Be truly inspired and discover your seafaring spirit; be bold and set sails and then bring the boat on the ocean home with our guide to sophisticated nautical decorations.


Nautical Knot Door Stopper

Nautical Knot Door Stopper

Nautical Anchor Nautical Anchor

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

for Nautical Decor!

Do you want to delight in the gentle simplicity of a nautical themed living space? Do you want to walk through your front door and feel like you have stepped onto a dock walking out to the ocean?It is not surprising that nautical decorations are so popular both in the city and along the coast. They are calming, peaceful and relaxing. They combine the ocean, the beach and boating.

With the right mix of style and creativity, you can create a sublime space in your home where you might just hear the sea breeze…

Key elements found in nautical home décor include wood accents, boating and beach accessories, contrasting textures, tailored lighting and the colors white, blue and red.

Using our nautical decorations, you will be able to create a vacation getaway in your own home. From nautical flags and lighthouses to clipper ships and candles, follow our simple guide and transform your living space to nautical, breezy bliss!

While nautical décor can seem very simple to do, you really want to follow along with some guidelines to avoid the common mistakes of overdoing the theme or washing it out. Here are some great tips to get it right:

Tone & Colors – The general tone should be muted and subtle with whites and blues as the foundation. White, antique white and navy blue are the most traditional. However, a bold accent of cherry red or rust red will add a level of sophistication to the palette. Don’t hesitate to try other blues as well especially with accent pieces like pillows and art.

Patterns – Patterns are perfect in nautical-themed rooms. The most common is stripes. However, also try patchworks, soft madras and plaids. These can really work well in moderation.

Lighting & Fixtures – Natural light is a great way to bring the feeling of the ocean inside, but it can be hard to have that in every room. This is why great lighting is critical. Lamps made of buoys, nautical wall sconces made from bronze, brass or iron and hurricane lanterns are excellent choices.

Furniture – The design elements of furniture are more important than the specific pieces. For example, dark wooden furniture looks beautiful in contrast to white walls. Antique-looking side tables are better than contemporary tables. Textures are important to capture the nautical look as well. Wicker, basketry and varying textiles like canvas all contribute to great overall décor.

Accent Pieces – This is really where your nautical decorations will come to life. Candles, wheels,  ships, shells, lighthouses, flags, netting, lobster pots, fish, starfish, oars, woven ropes, seagulls, room portals, clocks, thermometers, sailing maps– the list could go on and on! Find a few key pieces that you absolutely love, and your room will naturally, and nautically, come together.

With these ideas and our huge selection, you will find the perfect blend of details to create the most welcoming home décor in your living room, bedrooms, bathroom and more.

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