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Striking Seashells – Setting Accents with Seashell Home Decor

Complement the beach decor in your home with items from our collection of gorgeous seashell accents. Seashell accents will truly tie your beach theme home decor together.


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Seashell Seashell

“To find a seashell is to discover a world of imagination.”

Michelle Held

We are sure you will agree with us, NO home decor centered around the theme of ocean and beach will be complete without seashell accents. Setting subtle or strong accents with seashells in your home will be an essential part of your chosen beach decor.

If you have ever been on a beach, chances are that you have collected seashells, too! Maybe you took those special seashells into your home and started placing decor accents with them. Get creative! You are only limited by your imagination as how to use seashell accents in your home decor.

Seashells have something magical, they come in so many different sizes, shapes, forms and colors and with different textures and patterns. As you might know, in some of them you can even hear the ocean!

Sea Shell

Sea Shell, sea shell,
sing a song for me;
Sing about the ocean,
tell me about the sea.

Sea Shell, sea shell,
when I hold you near,
I can hear the ocean
whispering in my ear.

My Magic Shell

Pink shells, white shells, and
shells colored blue;
smooth shells, crinkled shells,
old shells and new;
Striped Shells, and plain shells,
shells lift by the tide;
My shell is magic –
the sea sings inside.



Bring this special magic into your daily life by choosing seashell accents for your home decor. Make a statement at your home entrance with a big bowl full of shells on a stand, a seashell wreath or decor accents like mirrors studded with shells placed strategically throughout the house; there are countless possibilities to set some enchanting accents by using a variety of seashell decor in your home.

Our online store is full with ideas of how to use seashell home decor accents to brighten up your interior. Seashell accents can come in the form of soap dishes, lighting, rugs, frames, candles, pictures, toilet seats, decorative single shells to place on window sills or display on furniture, and more! You name it, we have got something for your special home decor needs.


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So get started on setting accents with seashell home decor!

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