Sinks Shaped Like Waves Or The Ocean

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I’ve just come across this very interesting – well, piece of art really, but it’s actually a sink, or wash basin, called “Ocean” and I think it’s very fitting – literally! The Ocean Wash Basin is from Il Bagno Bandini’. It is a sculptural sink inspired by the waves of the ocean available in black or white.

Ocean Sink

It is ultra modern and very cleverly designed. It comes in different shapes, as a single or a double.  I love the idea of it, it is so unusual but at the same time really reminds me of the waves of the ocean…

Ocean Sink

The distinctive design of these sinks means the sinks can be assembled in a line or at 90° allowing for various installations and designs. The vessels are made of Tecnoform, a shiny acrylic very similar to ceramic and it is resistant towards scratches and breaking. Very clever! So if you want to take your love of the ocean and the beach to the next level, check out their website.

Ocean Sink

Or how do you like this wave sink seen on Eva Designs ?

Wave Sink

These wave sinks are also very interesting, especially if you have a double sink, because it will look even more like rolling waves…. To see more, visit Sonomastone

Wave Sink

Wave Sink

Wave Sink

Here is another modern sink inspiration: “Waves” by Joel Roberts

Modern Wave Sink

The sink is called Eaux Eaux and is the work of designer Joel Roberts. It is an ultra-modern sink that is designed to depict a nautical and ocean theme by mirroring the forms of waves. I find the way the water is dispensed also very interesting, like a waterfall… The bases of the sinks are fixed to the bench top, so you won’t be able to topple them over.

Last but not least, here is another very unusual sink that has been inspired by a nautilus shell. Isn’t it gorgeous? Found on Complete Home.

Nautilus Shell Sink

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