Luau Party Decorations

Luau Party Decorations – Tropical Party Time!

So you have decided that it is time for some fun and want to hold a Luau Party? We are here to help you find the right decor, food and drinks to make your Luau Party a success!


Luau Party Sign

Luau Party Tin Sign

“I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means
I have been surrounded by friends.”

Nancie J. Carmody

Luau Party Luau Party

Organizing any party can be quite a task, depending on how many guests you have invited and what kind of party theme you plan to do. Fact is – with a luau party theme you can literally not go wrong! I have yet to meet somebody who doesn’t like to go on beach holidays – and a luau theme is sure to get everybody into the right holiday mood.

If you plan ahead and get organized well in advance, you don’t need to stress. The best is to put aside an hour or so and sit down and decide on your invitations, what you (and your guests) are going to wear, how you want to decorate your luau party place, what food to serve and what music you will have playing to set the right mood.

Luau Party InvitationsInvitations:

Luau party invitations should be colorful and “happy” looking. Use images that you can associate with a tropical holiday: Have some flip-flops on them, or a Hibiscus flower, a cocktail with an umbrella and a straw, a Hula girl… Your imagination is the limit!

For more inspiration and ideas for Luau party invitations we recommend you visit

Dress Code:

When doing a tropical themed party people are expected to turn up very casually dressed in (not so many) colorful clothes, and this alone will already start your party off on the right foot. Dress code should definitely be casual – colorful. Sarongs, flip-flops, Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, flower leis, – you can be quite creative, as long as it is bright and summery looking.

Luau Party Clothing

We found to have a fantastic range of Tropical/Hawaiian clothes, and you can even get great tropical décor for parties or just for your home.

Luau AccessoriesDecoration:

You want to create a balmy yet rich and exotic tropical ambiance – bright and colorful party decorations are sure to achieve that! Contrary to what I say about beach decor in general, when holding a luau party you do NOT have to keep the decor to a minimum; you can actually go a little wild.

Here are just a few ideas on how to transform any space into a luau party heaven:

  • Have colorful strings of lights and candles placed around the party room/area, and place Tiki torches around the backyard. The colors and the natural candlelight will do absolute wonders for the atmosphere.
  • When each guest arrives, give them a flower leis to wear around their neck.
  • Place plants/palms, whatever you have (real or fake) in clusters around the area. You are allowed to have blow up palms by the entrance, or around the house and backyard!
  • Have an array of fake (or real, if you wish) tropical flowers scattered around.
  • Provide comfortable seating. Little cosy corners and niches are bound to make everybody feel comfortable.
  • A real Tiki Bar can be a focal point at your Tropical party.


When having any theme party, you should stick with the theme when it comes to food, as well. So for a tropical party you need tropical food!You can of course google different ideas and recipes, and then cook yourself, but if you want to have the stress taken out of the food planning, we recommend you have a look at They deliver anywhere in the US to your doorstep, all their food comes either frozen or chilled with detailed heating/preparation instructions.


Cocktails with Punch – Recipes to rock your party

Luau Party Drinks

I guess you know that one already – for a luau party you absolutely have to have COCKTAILS. As an excellent drinks and food guide (and for decoration, too!) we find Trader Vic’s Tiki Party an absolute must. Cocktails are the ultimate indulgence on tropical holidays, and your party will not be complete without them. Even better if you can serve them from behind a genuine tiki bar! Of course, you should also have beer, wine, soft drinks and water available. Another idea is to have some frozen drinks available, they are also very popular.

Luau Party Music


Without music, a luau party will just not get off the ground! The right music is an absolute essential part of your party planning to set the mood. If you want to stick with the tropical theme, look for soft reggae or Hawaiian music and happy, upbeat tunes. You don’t want music that’s too overpowering unless you are planning a rave.

So let’s get started and get this luau party going!

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